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Statement of Confidentiality
In order to better serve registrants, the Patient Notification System was created by the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) and participating companies. PPTA has retained the services of Sedgwick, an independent notification service company, to provide prompt notification to registrants in necessary situations.
PPTA and participating companies hereby pledges to respect the confidential nature of the information supplied to Sedgwick by registrants and further pledges not to inquire about, encourage divulgence of, or request such information. Specifically, only Sedgwick shall have access to any such registrant information. Any information that is submitted via this web site is secured using SSL encryption.
Registration Terms
Prior to registering, it is important for you to understand that it is YOUR responsibility to maintain your information. Provided your information is correct, you will be notified by Sedgwick. Sedgwick can not notify you if your information is incorrect. Your mailing address is required. Regardless of the results of your primary method of notification, you will receive a followup first class letter.

If your primary method of notification fails, Sedgwick will also send you a change form. You MUST return this change form with the corrected information to ensure prompt delivery via your preferred method of notification. If there are three failed attempts to contact you, your registration will be deactivated. Changing any of your registration information will reset the number fails to zero.
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